Philosophy of West and East ——

Theme: Waterland

 July 2015 – Viridian Gallery, Canada

To further promote traditional Chinese culture excellence, celebrate the artistic spirit of Oriental and Western harmony, and enhance cultural exchange; Waterland — Drawings of Stephanie Zen’s world touring exhibitions will be held at Viridian Gallery on July 4, 2015 at 2pm.

The exhibit will feature themes of national spirit and originality, presenting Oriental artistic concepts through traditional Western style oil paint media. These unique works of art illicit a sense of modernism and freshness, not unlike those from other cross-genre masters such as Xu Beihong, Wu Guanzhong and Lin Fengmian. Miss Zen is adept at both oil paintings and traditional Chinese paintings, bringing together a rare artistic perspective to her works.

Through extensive travels, Stephanie draws her inspirations from natural landscapes around the world. While living in Canada for more than a decade, she has created numerous insightful drawings that combined essence of traditional “Chinese ink painting” along with the colorful “Western oil painting” techniques. The unique style of depicting nature by half-abstraction presents audiences with a refreshing experience through combination of the elegance of Chinese culture along with the romanticism of Canadian contemporary characteristics. Stephanie’s paintings illustrate an intriguing, daring approach in modern works of art; successfully blending the two contrasting styles to create the best of both worlds.

Following establishment of Burnaby and Chong Qing as sister cities, Stephanie’s painting was commissioned by the Chong Qing municipal government as a gift of friendship to the City of Burnaby, symbolizing a new era of partnership between China and Canada. As a philanthropist, Stephanie has donated her art works for various auctions to support orphanages in Southeast Asia benefiting children with medical illness and disabilities.



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